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Recover content from PDF files on your Mac

Solid Documents Limited
215 Akersten Street, Port Nelson
Nelson, 7043
New Zealand

We provide fast email support to get your technical questions answered.


Your first stop for customer support. This Quick Reference Guide provides step-by-step assistance for software installation, unlocking Solid Converter Mac and using each of the different features of Solid Converter Mac.

E-Mail Support

We offer unlimited complimentary e-mail support to all registered customers using current versions of our products.

You can easily send us an e-mail about a problem from within the product. Click the Help button, then Support. An automatic message with diagnostic information will display. You can then click e-mail to open your e-mail client and send the message.

If you are having difficulty converting a file, please attach the file to your message. This information will help us resolve your issue quickly.

Mailing Address

Solid Documents
215 Akersten Street
PO BOX 5140
Port Nelson, Nelson, 7043
New Zealand

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